You may remember the photo teaser we posted of these guys. How cool are they? Cool enough to change their date so we can make it! Filmed at and around Grapevine Park in San Gabriel, CA. Claudine put a lot of creative work into the vintage theme with lots of hand crafted accessories. She’s been one of Iris and Light’s biggest fans from the beginning and the team had a great time at her wedding.

Song: Fresh Feeling by Eels
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March 26, 2011
Finally...another brilliant piece of art:) The song is perfect, the bride and groom are adorable, and the film...LOVE IT!!!
June 1, 2011
Awesome! What do you guys use to color correct your videos? I love the color feel you have on all your videos..
June 1, 2011
Thanks, Taylor. We use Apple Color.

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