Two people holding hands while walking in a field. A man and woman are smiling for the camera. A man laying on the ground with his surfboard. Two people walking on a dirt field near water. A waterfall is shown on the side of a mountain. A man and woman hugging in front of an arch. A black and white photo of a river with water A black building sitting in the middle of a field. A white dress hanging on the wall in front of a window. A man in a tie laughing. A man and woman are standing together in front of a window. A woman in white dress standing next to stairs. A couple walking across the grass towards a church. A couple of people standing in front of a mirror. A man and woman are exchanging vows. A man and woman are holding hands while standing. A man in white suit and tie looking at his reflection. A lone horse is standing in the distance. A man and woman embracing in the desert. A woman in white dress holding flowers near grass. A person standing on top of rocks near the ocean. Two people are walking in the snow on a hill. A woman standing in front of an old building. A man and woman posing for the camera. A large open field with snow covered mountains in the background.