A book and jewelry box with moss on the outside.
A view of the ocean from above.
A bride holding a book in her hand.
A woman sitting in front of a window.
A man in vest and shirt looking down.
A woman with her hair in the air
A man sitting on top of a bed next to a cat.
A rosary beads and cross on a table.
A woman with a phone in her ear.
A woman in white dress standing next to another person.
A bride in her wedding dress standing by the window.
A couple getting married in front of some people.
A man and woman kissing near a rock wall.
A bride and groom kissing in front of an old building.
A man and woman laying in the grass.
A woman laying on the ground with her hands in her lap.
A cliff with a person standing on it
A couple standing on the side of a cliff.
A bride and groom kissing on the side of a road.
A bride and groom embracing in the woods.
A man and woman standing next to each other.
A table set with candles and plates in front of a fireplace.
A bride and groom are surrounded by their guests.